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Ae! nee romba azhaga irukae... Ae! nee romba azhaga irukae...

Topic started by magix (@ on Sat Apr 6 11:23:45 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Guess what??
I went to "Ae! Nee romba azhaga irukae" cassette release function.
a couple of ppl in TFM might remember that i'm a close friend of Mani Ratnam's nephew. So by default, i guess he becomes the nephew of GV!
He gave him the invite pass and i was included!
The songs are not bad.. everything is fast!
The 1st pair of MDs, Arvind-Shankar(??) had composed a good 1 sung by Harish R..
The 2nd song was by Murugavel(????), Anuradha's brother! He had a good voice, the song was not bad either..
The 3rd song was by Srinivas!!! It was a trademark tune of his.. lots of hard rock sanskrit in it! ne way quite good.
The 4th song was by a duo called Raghavan-Raja(????????).. It was a totally fast song, i didnt quite like it tho the tune was catchy...
The 5th song was by (????????????) who looked like KR! I didnt quite like the song..

The only bad point(IMO).. Deva released it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry about the name confusion folx.. i didnt concentrate... was busy star gazing!!!!!


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