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Transcendental Music in Transcendental Music in

Topic started by isai_nanban (@ on Thu Jun 19 16:07:29 EDT 2003.
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I think IR is pioneering TM for music in India. Two songs of Sambhu (Kalau Choosinadi & Dosedu Mallelu confirmed that IR is now taking us to the "space sense" time zone of music. This i think is after new age (IR's exemplified new age music by his India 24 hours, now beyond that into space age sounds and feel.

IR' earliest touch of that feel is in songs like - Alli Sundaravalli Sollu Laali; Thathi Thathi Thavidum Thagna Killi Nee Thaane. Really Transcendental feeling about those 2 songs, something parallel to the earthly "evocative timeless (ET ;--)" songs like O Vasantha Raja; or, Vezhambal Kezhum (Olangal) or Sangathil Padath Kavithai etc..

In Western music, only one band successfully brought out that feel - Depeche Mode in their albums "Violator" & the album containing songs Like Master & Servant etc... To some extent Pet Shop Boys brought it out too. That is it.

It all confirms that IR is transcending earthly feelings & heavenly feelings to space-time feel ;;---) But, let me tell you - Karthik Raaja is full of it and he is going to shake the world with those feels. Those of you understand this abstract and pseudo intellectual please talk about how u feel ;--)


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