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SPB's pathos songs! SPB's pathos songs!

Topic started by AMBULI (@ on Sun Jan 13 11:00:41 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Hi!! SPB has a voice that is suitable for any mood. Every song is a gem!!! It may be the result of great enthusiasm, feeling and a strong attachment and LOVE to music!! For the past last week I was listening to some of his PATHOS songs such as "Vannam Konda Vennilave Vaanam Vittu Vaaraayo", Malare Ennenna Kobham", Vaanuyarntha Soolayile Ni nadantha Pathayellam", Ithayam Oru Kovil, Theerthakarayinile Therkku Mulayil ( from Varumayin Niram Sigappu)... My list will continue and it won't have an end... Letsīdiscuss some of SPB's greatest pathos songs


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