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Citizen ST Citizen ST

Topic started by Kannan (@ on Thu Apr 12 09:08:04 EDT 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Hi all,

Hope some of you would have had the chance to listen to this latest offering from Deva. I should say that they render a hefty resemblance to Vaali in the sense of strong western melody. I'm not particularly fond of Deva's ability to compose good (??????) music. However, there are some catchy numbers especially Chikkimukki kallu by SM and Sadhana S(?), although it reminds me of 80s IR numbers. The song list is as follows:

1. Australia : Hari Haran,Shankar M & female (?)
2. chikki Mukki kallu - Shankar M, Sadhana S
3. Merkke Vidaiththa : Shankar M
4. Merkke Vidaiththa : Shankar M (2)
5. Pookaari - Shankar M,
6. Love - Vasundara D(???)

I'm not so sure about most of the female vocals, thus pardon me if I'm mistaken.

care to share u'r thoughts?.



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