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Topic started by SHIVA (@ on Tue Aug 20 00:56:26 EDT 2002.
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barring all barriers, there is an universal report that BABA IS A FLOP. not just from laymen, even his ardent fans are absolutely unhappy with the film. spiritual leaders and severe religious people are angry with rajini. For people who beleived that rehmanis going to be the sving grace, he was the greatest disappointment. There is no commitment or seriousness in his music. Pls read reviews in Anandha vikatan and Kumudham. Nice to know that the press is bold to express their views. Anyway for the sake of clippings, movie rights and votes SUN TV will place it at no 1 in all countdowns for the next one year. But what we want to know as ardent rajini fans is : RAJINI SIR, ARE YOU REALLY HAPPY ABOUT THE OUTCOME OF THE MOVIE? DID YOU KNOW THAT THIS IS WHAT IS COMING OR YOU ALSO FEEL BETRAYED AND CHEATED?


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