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Jency where are you? Jency where are you?

Topic started by Thamilini (@ on Thu Mar 13 08:06:36 EST 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

_/\_ Vanakkam _/\_

I'm a new visitor to this website. I couldn't see anyone discussing about Jency's songs.
Well im a fan of her, and would like to know more about her.

Jency padittha padalhalil ennai mihavum kavarntha padalhal ivai:
-Yen vaanilae ore vennila-
-Deiveega raagam-
-Viliyil vilunthu ithaiyam-
-Ennuyir neethane, unn uyir-
-Tham thana tham thana thaalam-
-Poo malarnthida nadamidum-
-Ithayam poguthe-
-Iru paravaikal malai muluvathum-
-Kathal oviyam kaanum kaaviyam-

I'm cracy about her voice and the style she sing, so please help me to find more detailes about her, and her musik life.. Where is she now? Is she stil singing? Are there any webcite's with her picture?
Please try to write all of her song´s to me, and the film titel.
I would be happy if you people could answer my questions :)
Thank you so much..


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