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Couldn't IR do western rock/pop? Couldn't IR do western rock/pop?

Topic started by Raja fan (@ on Mon Apr 30 01:01:47 EDT 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

what does it take for IR to try and stun the western pop music world? what would it take to enthuse IR make an attempt into that style of popular music. Is it because he cannot find a good singer? Is it because he cannot have a producer to pay someone like Bono (U2) or Britney Spears to sing a number? or is it too much of a stretch of imagination? It is just one hit number thatcna make a difference. i am saying that IR can easily do it. lately his unbelievable creations in desiya geetham, manam virumbuthey unnai, more recently aandan adimai, then his earlier disco numbers so many of them tells me that IR can manage the dynamics of the situation. If IR can do symphony in a month's time, a number like "Take on Me (a-ha)', One Night in Bangkok (Chess) or Tarzan Boy (Baltimora) or Orinoco Flow (Enya) or Fly Away or something oR dANCING queen (ABBA) will be cake walk?

What do you guys think? This is the ultimate challenge for IR and may be wishful thinking for his fans.


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