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Another research paper on IR: Maestro fortunate being in TFM than Hollywood composers Another research paper on IR: Maestro fortunate being in TFM than Hollywood composers

Topic started by Researcher (@ on Sat May 25 20:08:20 EDT 2002.
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Excellent presentation of the similarities of power and influence of music in Indian and American films. Christopher Goodman, in his research paper, has the Maestro in focus and has an insight as to how IR is amazing in background scores when compared by Hollywood standards!

"Illaiyaraja also uses leitmotifs, but in away I have never seen them used before, particularly in Sindhu Bhairavi. Illaiyaraja gives Sindhu a dual melody. One is almost sinister sounding, and is played on a plucked instrument. The other is a very sweet, infectious flute melody. These two themes work very well for Sindhu, capturing her character in just a few short measures of material. There is enough substance to this theme that Illaiyaraja does not need to change the instrumentation or style of the melody; he merely shortens or lengthens it when necessary, and presents the portions of the melody that relate best to the particular scene and emotion. In particularly emotionally confusing scenes, like when Sindhu expresses her love for JKB (a married man, whom she first admired for his musicianship), the conflict within her theme works perfectly. I have never encountered such substance in just a single, short melody - which can express so much without the aid of varying orchestration."

Only point the author fails to recognize is how much more a composer brings more tonal quality to the movies underlying theme thru a consistent mood in the preludes and interludes, which even Hollywood composers cannot achieve with their theme scores.

I feel that only a handful of Indian music directors gave significance to Background score and none have ever so perfected the art as IR!


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