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Ilayaraaja in Cameo appearances: Way to Go! Ilayaraaja in Cameo appearances: Way to Go!

Topic started by raja fan (@ on Tue Jul 10 19:04:31 EDT 2001.
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"The songs of Lajja have nothing special to offer, save a brilliant cameo by Ilayaraja. He carries the score forward from the banal." Subash Jha has said it. Need of the hour. Ilayaraaja in cameo sounds more thrilling than say he carried an entire movie on his tired shoulders these days. The advantage is: as in Lajja agains the backdrop of another composer who is the (chief) cacophonist, Ilayaraaja's doing one song and the background score, it will be easier for the current generation to better appreciate the serious differences in composing. I would say, way to go, Maestro. I know IR did a few cameo composing in films like Auto Raja (stellar song!), but is thisn't the way to go forward for IR?


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