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"Vizhiye Kathai Ezhudhi" From Urimaik Kural "Vizhiye Kathai Ezhudhi" From Urimaik Kural

Topic started by Bhoori (@ on Tue Aug 10 11:02:22 EDT 2004.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I am listening to this song as I type. The first few lines go

Vizhiye Kathai Ezhudhu
Kanneeril Ezhudhadhe
Manjal Vanam Thendral Kaatru
Unakkagave Naan Vaazhgiren

Is there any connection between the first two lines and the last two? I can as well write

Vizhiye Kathai Ezhudhu
Kanneeril Ezhudadhe
Vengaya Sambar Thakkali Chatni
Masala Dosai Sappitten

And I have heard that MGR & Kannadasan had a longstanding tiff, but Sridhar surreptiously got Kannadasan to write the lyrics - which impressed MGR so much that the tiff came to an end. I can't figure out why MGR should get impressed with such lousy lyrics.

Can someone see some coherence or meaning into this? Please explain, if you can. I would love to be proven wrong!


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