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Topic started by Gyan (Devastated by How To Name It for good!!!!) (@ on Tue Jun 15 23:31:27 EDT 2004.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I think every music lover or composer who thinks they are on a higher musical plane has to ask one thing before they think they are: Can they appreciate the depth and beauty of IR' How To Name It.

Why I say this is, in my young days I used to be "instantly" fascinated by Western Classical Music, thinkin it was the ultimate,and Indian classical all stupid!!! How wrong I am now!!!

I had heard IR' HTNI in 89 and I just couldn't figure it out what the heck it was. Even a decade later, I could not understand how it could be called great or even enjoyable. I've seen only folks who enjoy Carnatic music call it great and that made me dislike Carnatic music even more.

Now, I call HTNI, the FINAL FRONTIER OF MUSIC, Avant-Garde, light years ahead, Masterpiece of all classical albums I've heard, etc... It is also how I now measure a person's depth of music appreciation. Recently, I gave it to an elderly couple who goes to Symphonies. They just returned it saying they could not follow it at all!!!!

So, Western classical music lovers cannot accept HTNI, because it is so profound and not instant jingle bells and also my fascination with Western Classical these days is skin-deep only, nothing mean about it, just that I want deeper music that never cease to bewilder me. I still love Western classical, pop etc... but HTNI is giving me a new understanding of how much complex music can get for the true everlasting beauty that remains to be discovered in it depth!!!!!!

Can I say the same of many TFM dfers other than Carnatic music lovers in this forum - that many could not just understand HTNI for several years initially, but they now see the beauty of it, finally?

Also, those who liked it first time itself, please explain the basis, whether it was Carnatic background or yours or just your own musical perception. Would you consider this as this album as the best measure of a music lover or composer' musical growth or maturity? Or, is there another measure?

My other question is: Is Nothing But Wind also as profound as HTNI? ( I could not enjoy NBW because of muted flute notes at times, but I did not get back to it as I did with HTNI) Did anyone feel it was not fully astounding as HTNI.

Q3: Does "SSSSA" know if IR will come out with more HTNI type albums?!!! That is a legacy for the next 1000 years of music, i feel.

Also, the more intriguing question, do you think HTNI with a full fledged Symphonic Orchestra would've been fulfilling?!!!!!!!! (by the way was L Vaidyanathan the dual violinist with Narasimhan?)


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