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Composing (Info on composing and synthesising using a computer) Composing (Info on composing and synthesising using a computer)

Topic started by M.Sridharan (@ on Mon Feb 21 01:25:02 EST 2000.
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Dear Friends,

I am a great fan of A.R. Rahman, Illayaraja and M.S.Vishwanathan.
I really want to know how music is composed so that I can take
composition as a hobby. I do not know to play any instruments and
also have no background in carnatic music. But I do listen to
a good number of tamil songs (selected) and admire the work that
goes into creating them. Folks please do drop in your views and
information. Let the info. furnished be authentic.

I once again invite you for a healthy discussion.

Thank You,

Yours friendly,

PS: can someone give me the email-id of ARR / IR.


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