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<b>Shankar & A.R.Rahman</b> Shankar & A.R.Rahman

Topic started by dinesh (@ on Sun Feb 22 08:52:22 EST 2004.
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Shankar and Rahman have been always been a winning combination. Incidently Rahman has composed for all the Shankar movies. Boys will be their sixth film together. The music has already done very well - it has topped the charts ever since the album was released. In Boys, Adnan Sami and Lucky Ali sing a Tamil song for the first time. Vasundara Das, Karthik, Tippu, Dimmi, Kunal, George, Clinton and Chitra Shivraman are the other singers.

Let us take you through a journey into Shankar/A.R Rahman's earlier films.

Gentle Man - Shankar's first movie "Gentle Man" had the best action Indian movie goers ever have seen. The movie was a superhit and the item number "Chikku Bukkku Chikku Bukkku Raile.." by Prabhu Deva and Gauthami made waves all over India.

Kadhalan - This was Prabhu Deva's first movie as a hero. The dance sequences became scintillating for the youth and kept them on the heels. The song "Mukhabala, Mukhabala..." and "Urvashi..." exhibited the best talent in Prabu Deva as a dancer.

Jeans - Jeans made big news because it featured the beautiful Miss.World, Aishwarya Rai. The music was excellent, even now the songs are worth hearing. The Song that compares a woman's beauty with the 7 known wonders of the world is a very rare craftsmanship in Lyrics, Music and the way it was picturized. The Picturization of Aish together with the computer generated Aish was a masterpiece for Shankar's Direction in this tech savvy world..

Indian - Kamal Hassan's who plays a dual role - one as patriotic and the other a notorious, who gets killed for not being honest made a sweep where all its released. Manisha Koirala and Urmila Matondkar co-starred with Kamal, and the music is so pleasing to ears that were choreographed in an appealing way.

Mudhalvan - Arjun's One day Chief Minister assignment in Mudhalvan was the fifth hit for Shankar in Tamil. Asha Bhonsle's "Mudhalvane..." was melodic and Shankar was at his best in picturizing it.


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