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Topic started by vIDYA (@ on Wed Jun 23 22:43:20 EDT 2004.
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Vidyasagar - The Melody Maker Chats Live!

By Moviebuzz

Chat with music director Vidyasagar on June 24, Thursday, at 4 pm IST!

Vidyasagar is a music director who has been in the industry for over a decade and has tuned some of melodious tunes much to the liking of music lovers in the south. He is the most happening music director today and the songs in the blockbuster “Ghillli” is on top of the charts.

He is a music director who has given a break to over 30 new singers as he love to experiment with fresh voices. His forthcoming films are Sullan, Sathurangam, Ji and Maduraein Tamil. In Malayalam he is working on Albhuthavilakku, Ananthabhadram and Life in Vas Vegas. In Hindi he is scoring music for Priyadarshan’s new film titled Hulchul.

He played his first innings in Tamil from 1989 to 1996 and caught the attention of Tamil film-buffs with excellent score in films like Jai Hind and Karna. From 1993 to 1996, he was the top music director in Telugu and from 1996 to 2001, he was very busy in Malayalam where melodies were appreciated and he bagged three Kerala State Awards!

Vidyasagar’s love for melody made him turn to Malayalam film industry, time and again and the songs in hit films like Azhagiya Ravanan, Meesa Madhavan, Gramaphone, CID Moosa and Kilichundan Mambazham were all super hits. With Dhill and Povellam Un Vasam he made the biggest comeback in Tamil and the songs he tuned were all hits.

It was one of the greatest comebacks in the history of Tamil film music and his second innings in Tamil has coincided at a time when A.R.Rahman was concentrating more on the international scene. Earlier only A.R.Rahman’s music was considered fashionable to be played at discos and parties in Chennai but now the chartbusters in films like Run, Dhool, Anbe Sivam, Parthipan Kanavu, Tirumalai, Varnajalam, Iyarkai and Tendral are extremely popular with the youth of today.

According to Vidyasagar the recipe for success is: “A melody that goes into the soul of a listener, a good orchestra and the presentation”. But personally this ‘Melody Maker’ loves melodies and the songs in the latest blockbuster Ghillli like “Kokkara.. Kokkarako….” and “Appadi Podu….” are on top of the charts.

Top Ten Songs of Vidyasagar

1.“Malarae Mounama….”- Karna
2.“Nee Katru…”- Nilave Vaa
3.“Aasai Aasai….”- Dhool
4.“Yaar Yaar Sivam...Anbe Sivam…” – Anbe Sivam
5.“Un Samayalarayil….”- Dhill
6.“Kathal Pisase….”- Run
7.“Kana Kandenedi.….”- Parthipan Kanavu
8.“Appadipodu…Podu…”- Ghillli
9.“Azhagooril Poothavale….”- Thirumalai
10.“Adi Thozhi…”- Tendral

Chat with music director Vidyasagar on June 24, Thursday, at 4 pm IST!


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