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<b>Filmfare crowns ARR as the Top Music Maker!!</b> Filmfare crowns ARR as the Top Music Maker!!

Topic started by dinesh (@ on Tue Dec 2 11:13:21 EST 2003.
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Filmfare, Dec'03

TOP 10 Music-Makers:

1. A.R.Rahman
He works on his terms, at his pace & on his whims. He's notoriously difficult to meet & convince- names dont matter & neither dooes the money. Once he signs on, there's no saying when the music will arrive. But when it does, all is forgotten & forgiven. Rahman has become even less-accessible to Hindi film industry after his success abroad, but he's still the name everyone wants on their projects. Next year, look out for Bajirao Mastani & Kisna. Also, of course, The Lords of the Rings musical.

2. Lata Mangeshkar
3. Nadeem-Shravan (what a joke!!! it says that they'r the highest-paid music directors afer ARR...)
4. Asha Bhosle
5. Anu Malik
6. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy (finally, tey've made it big!)
7. Udit Narayan
8. Sonu Nigam
9. Rajesh Roshan
10. Abhijeet

More...ARR is also at no.6 in the list of the most powerful personalities in the industry. He's the only music director to feature in the list. Thats quite an honour.

Also, there's an interview of Lataji on the occasion of her 75th Birthday & she's listed her all-time favourite songs. The last line says,
"And of course A.R.Rahman's Jiya Jale (Dil Se) & Khamoshiyaan (1 2 ka 4). And though I havent sung the title song of Dil se, I love that too. In fact, I love all the songs in Dil Se & the film too."

When she was asked about the singers she likes fom the current scene, she added,
" Hmmm...Sonu & Udit. Udit's an original. Among the female singers, I like Sunidhi Chauhan's voice. She has adapted the American pop style very effectively. Alka Yagnki is good & very busy. Sadhana Sargam can go vey far."

I think other composers should read this comment. Sadhana is the most underrated singer of the industry & only ARR has been successful in exploiting her real talent. She hasnt even got a single nomination in the Filmfare awards history. Can u believe that???


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