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IR's En Vaanilae...from Johny and Nora Jones's "Don't know why.." IR's En Vaanilae...from Johny and Nora Jones's "Don't know why.."

Topic started by Musiclover117 (@ on Tue Feb 25 03:01:09 EST 2003.
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You would have known already Norah Jones is the daughter of Ravi Shankar(a famous indian Sitar musician, he is 86 years old, and Nora is 23 years old) and won 5 grammy awards. If you listen to the music of the album "Come away with me", the first song "Dont know why..." sounds like Kulaiyum kural of Chitra. And the music has very good style similar to IR's "En Vaanilae...". If IR writes songs with guitar and piano alone with English lyrics, may be IR would win grammy awards....
I would like you to pour expert opinion on that Jazz song and why it sounds very similar to IR's 80's slow melodies...



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