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Haunting Songs. Haunting Songs.

Topic started by vimal (@ on Tue Feb 9 18:14:09 EST 1999.
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Hai Guys.
I was listening to the Song "Pon Veliyile
from Yathramozhi. It took me to an entirely different world. Just Haunting. Especially the Charanam of the song. And also the violin background that accompanies the voice in charanam. The interludes. The beginning.Out of the world. I was kind of interested in knowing about the songs that have haunted you and still continuing to do so. Sadly, we don't come across many such songs these days.
Here goes my list:
1. Kizhakkale Keralisatham from NAttuppura Pattu (the tune).
2. Idhayam Poguthe.. (ask Madhan).
3. En Iniya Pon Nilave...( Do I need to tell?)
4. Kannan Vandhu Padugindran Kalamellam...
5. Oh Pappa Laali..
6. Kodiyile Malligappoo...
7. Vegam Vegam... from Anjali
8. Kaadhalin Dheepamondru
9. En Jeevan Padudhu Unnaithan Thedudhu..
10. Thalattu Mariponadho..
11. Vaan Pole Vannam Kondu ..
12. Poongatru Un per solla..
13. Kalyana Malai..
14. Nalam Vazha Ennalum..

and the list goes on...

Fellow Df-ers, can you tell me about the songs that have really affected you only because of the Music and not because of the lyrical content or any ohter factor ? . PLease do share some experiences. Some Nostalgia.


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