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ARR and IR the only trendsetters in TFM in the last 25 years ARR and IR the only trendsetters in TFM in the last 25 years

Topic started by Arjuna (@ on Fri May 16 09:26:38 EDT 2003.
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ARR was a trend setter..All the other music directors other than IR did nothing new!! They are just following the footsteps of IR and ARR..ARR need not waste his time on films that are cheap and he is concentrating on better films in Hindi..It is quite funny when u ppl say HJ,YSR are better than the great ARR..ARR has gone into the history books..The other music directors will be forgotten!!Even during the time,when IR was at this peak, MDs like Shankar ganesh and Chandrabose were hyped so much to be the best..But look at them now..they are no where to be seen..IR and ARR are the only music directors whom the tfm industry will remember in the next 25 years and more!!ARR is GOD!!


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