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Kannadasan - Viswanthan Arakkattalai Kannadasan - Viswanthan Arakkattalai

Topic started by raj (@ on Mon Oct 18 03:16:17 EDT 2004.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Kannadasan – Viswanathan arakkattalai – A Trust Launched in Chennai

A Trust in the name of the Kaviyarasar and Mellisai mannar was launched @ Kumara raja hall in R.A.Puram .

The people who honored the stage were Mellisai mannargal Viswanathan – Ramamoorthy, Thiru M.A.M.Ramaswamy, Kavingar Vaali, Thiru A.V.M.Saravanan, Thiru S.P.Muthuraman, Thiru Nalli kuppuswamy, Thiru murali(Sri Krishna sweets) and Aachi Manorama.

S.P.Muthuraman gave the welcome address

Trust was launced by M.A.M Ramaswamy and he spoke about his relationship with Kannadasan. He remembered an incident . When the Aiyappan Temple in R.A.Puram was built he wanted Kannadasan to write a kavithai which would appear in the front page of the souvenir, kannadasan forgot that but remembered in the airport when he was about to leave for US for treatment. He wrote in the in airport itself and sent it thru some one and till now that kavithai appears in the front page of all the issues/books released by the temple.

Manorama gave all credit to kannadasan for introducing her and encouraging her to do comic role in Malai itta mangai.

Then Nalli spoke about kannadasan and M.A.M

The inaugural Speech was by Kavingar Vaali. He Praised Kannadasan and Viswanathan . He rememberd some incidents . He remembered Devakottai shashti vizha for which both Kannadasan and himself went where kannadasan spoke about Arthamulla indu madham while a Kavi arangam was held under Vaali.
Finally he read a kavithai about the Arakattalai..

He started like this “ Kannadasanum Viswanathanum andru inaindhahdu aandavan kattalai indru inaindhu arakkattalai irandirkum karanam idhu aandavan kattalai “ and so on. He poured tamil which was honey for ears.

He also said this trust should conduct competitions on literature and award and encourage people.

Gandhi kannadasan greeted all the stalwarts with the shawl. S.P.B and L.R.Eswari were also called and were presented with the shawls. To make the occasion complete Smt.P.Susheela and Shri P.B.Sreenivos also arrived and were called upon the stage. Manorama presented the shawl to Smt P.Susheela.

All wished the trust a grand success

Then it was the musical nite. Yes MSV-TKR Orchestration with the famous Tabla Prasad joining them. MSV sent his disciple Mr.Anantha Narayanan to Ask PS whether she will sing Vanakkam Pala murai to start the concert and she obliged immediately.

All the stalwarts were seated down to witness the concert.

Chorus started the western music @ the end PS joined them with a beautiful humming and started Vanakkam Vanakkam
People who gave applause from the front were Vaali, Piraisoodan,Aroor Das,Muthulingam,Ma.Lakshmanan

Then next Song was Madhavi pon mayilal
MSV remembered an incident . MGR asked KD to write a song like Madhavi pon mayilal. KD asked MSV when did we do a song like this. MSV replied politely saying this was written by Vaali. Immediately KD asked MSV to take him to Vaali.

Then it was S.P.B’s turn
He started with Vaan nila nila alla . He sang with ease..
He sang engeyum eppodhum
Kamban Emandhan
Inimai niraindha with LRE

SPB praised MSV-KD & Vaali

LRE fin her turn started with

Aadavarellam aada varalam
Pattathu rani

MSV’s troupe singers sang Rajavin paarvai raniyin pakkam
While Veeramani raju sang Ullathil nalla ullam

It was getting late and SPB left and me too. So couldn’t watch till end.




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