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Aalavandan sure Flop Aalavandan sure Flop

Topic started by sriram (@ on Fri Sep 7 07:02:05 EDT 2001.
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Aalavandan is a sure flop like GUNA since it's script is directly taken from Hollywood Movie called "GREEN MILE", which is also an utter flop. So there is no point in expecting it to be super duper hit. At chennai Devi Paradise, it will run for 40 days thanks to Kamal's donation to the theatre. Even if the movie doesn't show up, Kamal will make it run at any cost. He will give the solid financial support to the Theatre owner to keep his movie running at Devi Complex. The movie will run by Kamal, not by audience. This is what i heard about the movie in one of the weekly magazines. He has already started bargaining with the owner of Devi Complex. The Songs will not become hit, even it is heard for 100 times. Kamal doesn't have the music sense. This is proved in AALAVANDAN. He is primarily involved in stealing the Great Hollywood Movies, as he did for Devar Magan (God Father II & III). He can better think over and over to make a new, not-copied, not pirated and not modified script. Then he will succeed. Otherwise he will end up with disaster again and again


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