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Ever since ARR entered into the cine field; 2 bad things have happenned Ever since ARR entered into the cine field; 2 bad things have happenned

Topic started by naga (@ on Mon Mar 18 15:22:53 EST 2002.
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Even since ARR entered into the cine field in 1992 (Was Roja released in 1991 or 92?), 2 worse things have happenned:

1.He was the one who introduced the use of drum machine (samplers) just to be different from IR and other MDs at that time. He wanted to be different to stay in the field and so created songs with a heave influence of western instruments. Being a 'sound engineer' he managed to be successful and now everybody is following him and calling it the 'trend'. He replaced the 'beauty of orchestration' with this new tread.. No catchy tunes, not so great melodies but just rythm... that's the secret of success...and he knew that. Our youngsters fell for it bcos it was different for them. All of us know that majority of young boys and girls listen to western music just for the rythm and for the quality of sound. They can't even understand the meaning of song and of course they don't need to... infact most of the engilsh songs have no lyrical value... That's exactly what ARR wanted to do... why listen to english beats when I can reproduce the same in tamil movies ???! Right...and that's what he did.. very clever and for this he didn't need to have carnatic music knowledge.. He started violating all the ragas, mixing and matching.. did everything.. (ennavae adi ennavale - a good example of killing 'kedharam' -- funny thing is that unni krishnan got national award for that song)...

It's 10 years now and ARR is still in the industry..charging crores of rupees for each movie, made 100 times the money that IR, MSV have made in their career with genuine music...

Where are we going with this 'tread'...... all songs sound the same...Any song can fit into any movie and for any situation...

2. And the second worst thing that has happened is 'tamizh kolai'. After ARR, now anybody can sing.. no need to know the language. Just sing and ARR will adjust it while recording.. what a shame to 'tamizh mozhi'. ARR is the one who started it. Can anyone deny that? Before that singers had some respect. Just listen to SPB, N.Vasudevan, TMS for their 'tamizh ucharippu'. No wonder why MSV and IR kept on giving using them..

Well I do appreaciate that ARR introduced a lot of new singers but how many can speak 'tamizh'. Can ARR justify what he has done to TFM ?

MSV, KVM and IR composed music for the song. ARR composes song for the music and that's the difference. And that's why we can't listen to any new songs after few months... one bad song will replace another bad song..

If this trend goes for another few more years... 'tamizh mozhi' will find a place in the history...

These are some of the 'tamil kolai seidha padalgal'...

chikku bukky raile.. (ARR)
andha arabi kadaloram (ARR)
poovukku porandha nalu (praveen mani) -- only God can help
all songs in parthale paravasam (ARR)

and a lot more... I don't remember them all..
Can anyone add such songs here??

please note that I do like ARR for many good reasons but I cannot forgive him for the above two bad things he did, knowingly or unknowingly to the TFM...


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