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yosithufying.... about 'uyire unnakaga' yosithufying.... about 'uyire unnakaga'

Topic started by icekutti (@ on Sun Sep 30 13:39:11 EDT 2001.
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DId the song.. "pallavi illamal paaduhiren" get made in full length? or... is it just a lil bit of a song...? Cuz in the movie there is just a lil part of it right...?

"Pallavi illamal, paaduhiren... paathai illamal oduhiren... Pallavi illamal paaduhiren, Paathai illamal oduhiren... moongil kaatrai veesuhiren... urangum pothum pesuhiren... Moongil kaatrai veesuhiren... urangum pothum pesuhiren... Intha raagam, thaalam, etharkaaga... uyirey.. unakaaaaga... uyire unakaaaaaga...' is that all? isnt there a hindi version also..?


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