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Categorizing,Reviewing IR Albums for Collectors and Music Fans Categorizing,Reviewing IR Albums for Collectors and Music Fans

Topic started by Jag (@ on Tue Jan 2 13:21:00 EST 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

We have quite many reviews for latest IR albums.But I think it will be of great help if we had reviews of all his albums from the beginning,which will help people in choosing the type of albums to collect based on the music it offers
a)vetri vizha, anjali, etc have more beat oriented modern music emphasized
b)senthamizh pattu,chinna thambi,chinna kownder etc have folk music in emphasis
c)sindhu bhairavi,saagara sangamam ,have classical music and so on..
I think this will be very valuable for someone who is looking to make a collection of IR's albums.


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