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ARR pEtti ARR pEtti

Topic started by NagasubramaniaN (@ on Mon Nov 30 22:44:23 EST 1998.
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In junior vikatan they are publishing an interview of ARR. it started last week & i think it will go upto 10 or more issues. this week there is an interesting Qn. & more interesting answer. I'll try to translate it for U !

Q : When IR was in top of music indudtry., he did music for 4 or 5 films at a time., but he was able to show some variety in songs. none of his 2 songs released at same time will be similar. But u r doing only one film at a time., u take lot of time but the final result -- ??., almost of all ur works look similar ! Why this happens ??

A : This may be due to the fact that i use same set of instruments in all songs with different combinations !


DFers., what do u think about this. I think the Qn. is quite valid. for e.g take GUNA & THALAPATHY which are released on the same day. see the variety IR is able to produce between the songs of these films. IMHO ARR is lagging in this & thats why he didn't tried to object the Qn.



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