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Topic started by The Fan (@ on Tue Oct 27 00:10:58 EST 1998.
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This is one topic that somehow escaped most of IR fans. I think it is because we have all taken for granted Raja's creativity that weaves in an distinct and unique texture in the form of complex and unbelievable never ever heard before beats or rhythms. I was listening to Senorita, I love you' from Jhani. The exuberance and brilliance of the song's rhythm has left me wondering why and how in the world has such a rhythm never been done by anyone else in the world. What about 'Poongatre Un Per Sollu' in Vetri Vizha, or Vallayosai Kala Kala vena' in Sathya or 'Vanam Kizhey Vandan Yenna' in Thoongathe Thambi Thoongathey. Has anyone of you heard rhythms in these song before and after? Long before the song Muqabla, Mukkala came, IR used the western beat for a song in the mal version of My Dear Kuttichathan. You got to hear that song. There are some now making claims that Mustafa, Mustafa song's beat has been copied by IR in 'Ilavenirkala Panjami' in Manam Virubunthey Unnai. Let us list all the FIRST TIME INVENTED ONLY BY ILAIYARAJA rhythms (I am thinking there at least 500 distinct and new rhythms the only IR is the first in the world to use in his over 4,000 songs) I have not heard any composer who has has the versatility to INVENT more than 2 or more different rhythms for a song. Maybe, there were a few who used the standard heard before type rhythms in a song. So let us start listing. This is one of the facets of IR which has been overshadowed by his stunts with the orchestra and melodic surprises.


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