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Topic started by rajasaranam (@ on Sat Dec 4 13:20:13 EST 2004.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

As far as the pre release announcements there are four major films lined up for April 14 2005 release.
1. CHANDRAMUKHI - widely expected film of rajini after two years of the disastarous bombing 'Baba'. Well Rajini had been pondering over this for few months and he announced 'Jakkubai' with K.S.Ravikumar but when he was not convinced with the screenplay and struck upon a kannada movie 'Aapathabandanam' directed by P.Vasu he decided to go for 'chandramukhi'. With the initial gossips going around we can decide this may be a comedy movie with no political orientations by Rajini. Every one is with crossed fingers to know the outcome.... Vidyasagar composes the music.
2.ANNIYAN - A Shankar - Vikram - Harris jayaraj Combo. This too is Film, which has created much expectation. Shankar known to have given 5 hits in a row came up with 'Boys' a widely opposed film in his career that also proved to be a commercial flop. Vikram known to chose his films selectively has gone in for this film. Also the shift of Shankar to choose HJ over ARR for this film stirs up lot more expectations.
3.GODFATHER - A K.S.Ravikumar-Ajith-ARR combo. After Rajini ruthlessly left him out from 'jakkubai' K.S.R. has brought in a wonderful team of technicians to fight for his career which has created much hype for this Film. This should be the film that has everything and everyone fighting for a big hit. Ajith who proved to be a loudmouth over his films gave nothing and his recent 'Attagasam' is only an average grosser. ARR who doesn’t have any more projects in Tamil has a job to do and he seems to understand this, which can be sensed well from the BGM that runs thro the web site released for this film. This web site and music itself has created much expectation within me and many more cine fans and we expect the team to keep up to our expectations.
4. MUMBAI EXPRESS - A Singeetham - Kamalhassan - Ilayaraja combo. This is the coolest team of the lot, which never cares for a hit and does a job, which sounds satisfying to them, and may sometimes prove to be a big hit. The last known film of this team was ‘Michael madan kamarajan’ which was a film that ran with packed houses for 175 days in 1990. All their earlier ventures were big hits and we expect this film too to prove that the team is in form after 14 years. This film is a bilingual made in hindi and tamil and Kamal has stated that this is going to be light hearted comedy movie. He is penning the dialogues for the first time, as his ace dialogue writer for all his comedy movies Crazy Mohan is unavailable right now. Ilayaraja who has proven to give great music for all movies he has teamed up Kamal will never let his fans down this time too.

Apart from these movies ‘Thottijaya’ a simbu Starrer and ‘Mayavi’ produced by Bala and starred by Surya may join in the race.

My views over the movies are that Chandramukhi and Mumbai Express being comedy-oriented movies may not create much box-office buffs apart from Rajini and kamal factors respectively. While Anniyan and Godfather have all ingredients to expect them to be big box-office hits.
Post in your views.


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