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What IR should do to regain fame! What IR should do to regain fame!

Topic started by velji (@ on Fri Nov 7 06:43:13 EST 2003.
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To regain fame IR should talk like a musician at press interviews. He thinks he is a great philosopher and talks non-sense. That is why no one dares to interview him. A typical inter view session is given below:-

PRESS: When did you begin to show interest in music ?
IR. Why you want a beginning for everything when you cannot foresee the end ?
PRESS; No, Sir, I meant your music schooling.
IR: Music do not exist in schools.
PRESS: (Sigh) O.K. What is your best composition ?
IR: Music is devine where the Jeevathma joins the Paramathma, hence there is no worst or best in
music ! (Whatever the heck it is !)
PRESS: What do you think about classical, pop and fusion music ?
IR: There is no division like that in music !
The 7 swaras make music. (As if no one knew this)
Don't differentiate as classical, Pop and fusion!
PRESS: (EXASPERATED) Then why the hell there are these classifications ?
IR: In the realm of Paramathma the OM sound itself is the ultimate music.
PRESS: o.k., o.k. O.K. --- what do you want to tell the readers as a Music Director ?
IR: I know neither Music nor I am a Director, in fact I want to be a conducter (in a bus ?) of the God given swaras in a devine fashion which may be called by you as music , but i think that they are like the petals of flowers offered to the divine trinity of omnipotent music..blah...blah...
PRESS; ( If i continue with this non-sence, I will get mad) O.K. Raja Sir, that gives a composition of your mind set. I will take leave.

It is said that a barber should mind his business, he can sing in the bathroom but not while cutting the hair.
IR will do well if he stops his philosophical outbursts and concentrate on his music.


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