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Musical Samples usage of ARR and other MDs Musical Samples usage of ARR and other MDs

Topic started by Dorai (@ on Thu Mar 28 17:07:00 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Hello Everyone,
I was just listening to some of the ARR songs and other MDS like YSR, Vidya Sagar. ARR usage of samples is pretty neat and unnoticable. Like the examples that I can quote here are:

Putham Puthu Bhoomi Vendum... (Thiruda Thiruda)
(the Violin interludes, sounds to me like samples)
I heard the same violin compositions/samples as background music in "Poovellam un Vaasam", by Vidya Sagar.

Taal se Taal Mila .... (Taal)
The second interlude violins, though towards the end it does not mend that well.

Telephone Mani Pol.... (Indian)
Thaiya Thaiya .... (Uyire)

The drum beats are just awesome.

I am not quite sure which of the above are samples and which one are real. Can the knowledgeable folks here like Srikant and others be enlighten me. I want to collect some such samples available in the market and learn to compose. Please help


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