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Tamizh Thirai Isai 50 dhavadhu pOn Vizha! Tamizh Thirai Isai 50 dhavadhu pOn Vizha!

Topic started by Bhaskar (@ on Wed Apr 1 03:01:08 EST 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.


Tamizh Cinema is celebrating its 50 dhavadhu
pOn Vizhaa (1947-1997). So we should be
celebrating 50 dhavadhu Tamizh Cinemaa paadalgal
pOn Vizhaa. Indha nool-il ungalukku anaivarukkum
pidithamaana paadalgal, edharkku ungal ellorukkum
Tamizh paadalgal mael indha alavukku interest ?

Why is Tamizh Film Music so special ? What makes
Tamil Film Music so popular when compared with
any other kinds of music ? Why are we such a fans
of Tamizh Paadalgal ? etc etc. Indha anaithin
vishayangalaiyum indha nool-il discuss seiyyalam.

Mudindhavarai indha nool-il paadalgal pattri
discuss seivadharkku vaaippu kOdukkalaam.

Isaiamaippalargal illamal paadalgal pirappadhu
kidayaadhudhaan, irundhaalum Isaiamaippalargalai
pattrri discussions indha nool-il kuraithu
kollalam endru enadhu panivaana vaendukOl ;-)


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