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<b><color=red>Doubt in Carnatic Flute! Please HELP!!!</color></b> Doubt in Carnatic Flute! Please HELP!!!

Topic started by Stanley Lyndon (@ on Wed Oct 27 07:47:12 EDT 2004.
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I am learning to play the flute by myself. I bought a carnatic flute and a book. I learnt the notes and fingering from the book.

But, when I went to buy a different flute, I was confused by the variety of models of carnatic flutes!

In "mathiyasthayi" (middle octave) there are flutes from 1, 1 1/2, 2, 2 1/2, etc. till 7!

He told me that 2 1/2 is D# flute and 4 is F flute.

Which means that "Sa" (first 2 holes closed) is D# and F respectively in the two flutes. Fine.

But, how are the rest of the notes arranged? Does a D# flute play in the western scale of D# MAJOR SCALE or in any other fashion?

That is, in F flute, playing a "SA" will sound F, playing a "RE" will sound G, playing a "GA" will sound A, playing a "MA" will sound B-FLAT (?), etc?

Or, is it like, "SA" is F, "RE" is G, "GA" is A, "MA" is B, "PA" is C+, "DA" is D+, and "NI" is E+?

Kindly help.


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