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An Unique Forum An Unique Forum

Topic started by selva (@ on Wed Jul 10 17:12:37 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

hey Souls with love for TFM,

I think this is the forum in the whole WWW that hosts two strong fans groups(HCARRFs and HCIRFs) of two artists under one forum. Unfortunately the fan groups don't in anyway reflect the personalities the artists are. Such abominable behaviour by 'some' of their fans. And those fans who had that enthusiasm for music seem to be silent spectators here.

the meteoric rise of IR and ARR is unique and it will never happen in future. In certain ways they were linked by destiny, and one accentuates the other, if any in this forum can understand what i mean. Their creativity is not at cross purposes but can stand as two pillars of glory.

This thread is dedicated for those who want to express their experience of TFM freely so that some of us who would like to know all there is about TFM. Lets not have counter posts, or replies to each others' posts. Weeds will erupt, lets clip them so that seeds can grow safely.


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