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Is good lyrics not important for a hit number? Is good lyrics not important for a hit number?

Topic started by shwetha (@ on Sat Jan 11 23:35:37 EST 2003.
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Don;t u think lyricists these days seem to have run out of ideas..? There are very few songs with nice and meaningful lyrics. Iam talking about songs other than "gaanas" here. Like for eg. 'Azhage Azhagu Devadai' (Raja Paarvai) and 'Pineapple vannathodu, red apple kannathodu' (Samudhram), both songs describe how beautiful the heroine is. But somehow the former seems to do a better job of it. There are songs of recent times that have good lyrics too. Anjali^2 (Duet), Narumugaye^2 (Iruvar), Kannamoochi enadaa (K^4), Kannathil muthamittal (KM) to name a few. But i feel the proportion has greatly reduced. Even if the songs have great music and all that, lyrics takes a beating. Vaseegara, i feel is one of such songs. This makes it seem like good lyrics is not a criterion for a song to be a hit number. Is it because lyricists these days lack the standard and expertise that lyricists of yester years had... or is it because people s tastes have changed...or is it because the kind of tunes being composed are not just suitable for any good lyrics?


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