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Grammatical mistakes(Ilakkana pizhaigal) in tamil songs Grammatical mistakes(Ilakkana pizhaigal) in tamil songs

Topic started by JK (@ on Wed Sep 3 03:15:24 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

In "andhimazhai megham" from nayakan..."Paal kudangal Then kudangal Nooru Vandhathu"...this line is there.

It should should be "Vandhana" because 100 kudangal is plural..

I noticed it after one of my friends had told it to me

In one webpage about vairamuthu.. i could find the same complaint for "ilaiya nilaa pozhigirathey"..
"Mughilinangal alaigirathey".. should be "Mughilinangal alaigindrana"

Please give more examples..


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