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Is IR' Timing Things? Even though.... Is IR' Timing Things? Even though....

Topic started by isai_nanban (@ on Sun Aug 31 22:05:46 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Just imagine if IR had released his symphony when in the 90s when the Rahman fever was at its height? who would've cared? So, i personally think IR himself did not want it released until the time is right. I don't think, it was not about quality or strangeness of the First Symphony (may I call it the Rustical or Mystical Symphony, Like Pastoral or Grand Symphonies of Europe?)

Guitar Prasanna's site says he was the Guitar in Moods of IR so long ago. But, that album has not seen daylight? Likewise, the Miss World 96 (there was a huge protest against Women being used for commerce, is it still the same tone today?)

Now, IR is planning Thiruvasakam, do you think the timing is right? any related economic discussion on this aspect. Do youthink there is an audience waitin to turnaround from today' rave and fast music and have they matured to take on deeper music of IR?

Even though, IR does not use stop watch to time his compositions (otherwise how would we have those thousands of songs) do you think IR is actually deliberating with a stop watch his next moves? ( one thing for sure, IR says he is still learning music, so means he is still doing somethings there.)


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