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Best Piano songs! Best Piano songs!

Topic started by sarath (@ on Fri Feb 8 15:21:42 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I wish to share some of the songs that has best piano bits. my favourites are:
1. guruvayoorappa- starting ....really amazin
stuff from puthu puthu arthangal.
2. then madurai vaigai nadi- tharmathin thalaivan.
3. ival oru ilanguruvu- bramma
4. thenrale- kaadhal desam.
5. yen vanile- johny
6. anjali anjali- duet
there are lot more. i wish to hear fom you guys. wat i have mentioned here is out of the arr/ir clash. jus the greatness of music. try to listen again with this intention. u wil feel the magic in these songs...
please do come up with good piano songs!


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