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Situation in TFM / TPM (Tamil political moves) Situation in TFM / TPM (Tamil political moves)

Topic started by Archivist and Kalamji Fan (@ on Fri Aug 16 00:19:02 EDT 2002.
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Tamizhagam wants an icon. It seems like Rajanikant reached his point more or less like the competency limit to be an evergreen icon like MGR for the people. It seems to me he does not feel anymore that iconic to remain one, so he wants to give up. I don't think RK will continue to act in films or go to politics, his spiritual escapist strategy is very clear. God bless him and the people. But, I feel they are yearning for the father figure like MGR. Second, phenomenon is KamalHasan, that great actor has lost his bearings, reportedly he is with Simran, no wonder his last 3 or 4 films been so out of focus. Where is that brilliatn Apoorva Sahotharargal. Third situation - President Kalam. I feel Kalamji will definitely bring back fun to politics making up for the vacuum in many areas of cultural activities. Fourth situation is grave like one and two - I don't think after MSV and IR, we will see any more interest in tamil film songs! ARR brought attention but that is it, no music! What are the feelingss about these situations in the forum here? (Please do not use bad words here, i think it is time to just realize the facts and not drop empty vessels)


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