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<b>Change in TFMPage Team and Move of Song Of The Day section</b> Change in TFMPage Team and Move of Song Of The Day section

Topic started by bb (@ on Thu Oct 28 14:34:09 EDT 2004.
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Due to the oft-quoted "philosophical differences" of opinion with Rajaraman, I have quit from the TFMPage team. I tried my best to reconcile our differences, but we couldn't see eye-to-eye on things and work as peers.

Over the past few years, I am proud to have contributed to the content in TFMPage in various ways. I've gotten excellent feedback and encouragement from umpteen enthusiasts that has helped me run Song Of The Day for two and a half years now. Thanks to all of you for that.

From now on, DhooL will not be a part of tfmpage. Song Of The Day will be continued in DhooL from Sunday. I will continue posting a song each day and we can discuss on it here:

The Kamba Ramayanam project in hub will also be migrated to DhooL. DhooL will also feature the SPB interview (the audio interview will be put up soon), Saravanan's "V.Kumar - Malarum NinaivugaL" and any other interesting project that Saravanan, MS or I launch.

I hope you would continue your support to SOTD and other things I will be involved in. I will continue to write in my blog ( ), so you can catch me there as well.

The TFMPage team info can be found at: . Good luck to RR and TFMPage in the future.

- bb.


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