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Discuss about the Styles of Various Mds please. Discuss about the Styles of Various Mds please.

Topic started by Music Thinker. (@ on Thu May 6 14:20:12 EDT 2004.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Hi All,
I was thinking we can have a thread about all the music styles of various MDs.
Basically i don't know much about Pre-IR days may be somebody can throw us light on that.

Was very good with melodies, fantastic folk numbers, the music was basically simple most of the times. However he did come up with intricate works for Maniratnam. Anjali, Thalapathy, Agni natshatram.

Revolutionized TFM music, gave a new dimension and market to Tamil songs.
I wonder the little difference in styles of IR and ARR is IR is very much satisfied to use Tablas, flutes and Violins in most songs, while ARR takes more care to be innovative every time.
Well other MD's show little promise, Kartik raja, Yuvan Shankar raja and Harris jeyaraj are buffoons of TFM.


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