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<b>Parthiban-A R Rahman's, <i>Aelelo</i> rises from the dead!</b> Parthiban-A R Rahman's, Aelelo rises from the dead!

Topic started by Jay (@ on Thu Feb 20 03:23:49 EST 2003.
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2001 saw the launch of a film called 'Aelelo' that had Partiban uniting for the first time with AR Rehman. "This is probably the first time that a movie is being made in Tamil which seeks to analyze the nuances of music," gushed Parthiban.

But, the film that started with much fanfare didn't even take-off and ended up the way other Parthiban films like 'Karupannasaami' and 'Sothukatchi' did- nowhere. The film was supposed to have 10 songs and AR Rehman asked for some more time. Parthiban agreed and the film went to the Deep Freeze box. Parthiban went on to do 'Ivan' and even got it released.

Parthiban then took a long break for Tamil cine industry (right now he is doing a minor role in Vignesh's 'Suri'). When someone asked him about 'Aelelo', he had a very optimistic answer, "I didn't drop this film like my other films. AR Rehman wanted some more tie. I wanted him to do a fabulous job for this film. That's why the delay. The film has 10 songs. 5 are ready. The songs are a mix of Indian and Irish folk tunes. This is surely going to be a breakthrough. AR Rehman and I are putting all our efforts into this film right now."


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