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<b>"NANDHAA"</b> songs "NANDHAA" songs

Topic started by Thathuvavaathi (@ on Sun Oct 21 06:30:29 EDT 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

The much awaited "NANDHAA" film songs (Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja, Direction : Bala) are being released today (21-10-2001). Kamal Hasan is releasing the first audio cassette and Bharathiraja is receiving it, at Hotel Connemara, Chennai.

The songs are totally fresh & different, and not the usual Yuvan's latino-type music. This album can easily be compared to some of the best of Ilayaraja when he was at his best.

Hear the songs and enjoy.

(The sample audio songs will be posted here tomorrow - 22nd Oct, 2001)


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