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Will ARR's song find its way in "Invincible" Will ARR's song find its way in "Invincible"

Topic started by Bharath (@ on Fri Jun 15 13:18:22 EDT 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Yes! "Invincible" Is the new album by Michael Jackson. ARR composed a song with him for this album about a year ago. Planet Jackson has announced a list of 15 songs that may figure in the album (with 4 songs possibly replaced in the last minute)

Will ARRs song make it. If it makes will it shoot him to popularity among mainstream listners in the wast. Especially Europe and USA. Will it fecth ARR a new international status and thereby a chance at the Grammy awards

Most important of all does it matter to the Tamil Folks if ARR, or that matter any Indian is succesful outside India, or they dont care at all


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