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En Mana Vanil is the FLOP OF THE YEAR En Mana Vanil is the FLOP OF THE YEAR

Topic started by teja (@ on Wed Sep 18 08:10:55 EDT 2002.
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The biggest disappointment of the week was Vinayan's En Mana Vaanil, which collapsed at the box-office. This highly hyped Ilayaraja ‘musical’ with all newcomers is not being appreciated by the audience. The tearjerker aimed at the lady audience has fallen flat. Vinayan’s direction lacked style and substance this time.

The Tamilnadu audience thought that the film was a dubbing of the original Malayalam version Ooma Penninu Uriyada Payyan. And the grapevine has it that Vinayan had actually taken nearly 20 percent of the scenes from the original and dubbed it into Tamil without the knowledge of its producer ‘Oscar’ Ravichandran. So, one of the shrewdest producers has been taken for a royal ride. Actually ‘Oscar’ had paid Rs 2 crore to Vinayan and asked him to do the complete production for his banner. Later, they had spent over Rs one crore towards publicity (Remember those promos that appeared with the Star-Night programme in Malaysia telecast on Sun TV?).

According to the trade, the film is unlikely to cover the cost of its print and publicity!


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