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Hey Meenal Ojini (?) Hey Meenal Ojini (?)

Topic started by Baano (@ on Sat Jan 3 16:17:48 EST 2004.
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I was wondering if this song title looked familiar to anyone? I don't speak a word of Tamil, but I love the music and movies and I saw this movie song with a girl wearing a grey-blue ghagra and she was Punjabi (I think it was Simran) and there was a guy and he was from the south and it's their engagement party with lots of people and he's singing "E Meenal Ojini" ( I think) and she responds back to him with "E Pushpa Chandira". I don't think it's a recent release, but it doesn't seem too dated either. It might have been released around the same time as KUSHI.

It was a really cool song and I would love to know who the music director was and what the movie was called!


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