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Songs Praising Doctors! Songs Praising Doctors!

Topic started by Dr.J.Vijay Venkatram (@ on Tue Apr 3 15:55:54 EDT 2001.
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Hi Friends,
I have of late become interested in songs glorifying certain specific occupations. In my view, I found some good songs, examples:

Vivasaayi (Vivasaayi)
Indha Boomiye Enga (Pudhuppaattu)

Vanna Mozhi Maane (Sethupathi IPS)
Kaavalukku Gettikkaaran (In the film of the same name)
But I was astonished that for us doctors who are supposed to hold a key position in society as people of the noble profession, I could not think of a song. I think that might be due to the fact that Tamil Cinema action heroes hardly wear a white coat in movies. Can you please get some songs?
I will be twice happy than I should be if I get a song with IR's Music and thrice happy if it is sung by Him, as a HCIRF! So, Can you start the race now?
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