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nAn Ready! neenga Ready-yA ? nAn Ready! neenga Ready-yA ?

Topic started by armstrong (@ on Thu Dec 21 05:27:40 EST 2000.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

You would have heard of “Crorepathy” and ‘Kodeeswaran” (and also Who wants to be a Millionaire) kind of quiz shows conducted by
Amithab and Sarathkumar.
Here is my quiz for the majority of this forum members.
Feel free to add your own answers & questions.

NAn ready! Neenga ready-yA ?

1. Who is the father of music ?
A. God B. Goddess C. IR

2. Who is IR ?
A. God B. Music C. MD

3. IR can Beat ARR in 100 meters dash
A. True B. False C. IR Paduthukonde jaipAr

4. MDs before IR period were all copycats of IR’s future music
A. True B. V. True C. Absolutely True because IR is “timeless”

5. IR music is mesmerizing and makes Dogs sleep - Comment
A. LOL LOL B. Except “AnnE AnnE” song C. Not All Dogs

6. Select the all time best MD from the list:

7. IR’s tunes are so mesmerizing and he goes to sleep Before completing it - Comment
A. Sometimes. B. GangaiAmaran keeps waking him up C. Korrrr….

8. Why IR not releasing his Symphony ?
A. Don’t want Deva to REALLY Popularize it
B. Waiting for ARR to release his Symphony for a REAL competition
C. Scared that Mozart will come from his grave and torture him

9. When will IR give up TFM ?
A. when rejected by the third rated producers and directors
B. After being #1 AGAIN, after ARR retires
C. Till this forum unanimously tell him to quit

10. Why IR is jealous of Deva ?
A. When IR makes one song, Deva makes 5 out of it
B. Deva works as the better Body-Shopper in TFM field
C. IR’s brothers are not very helpful


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