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Topic started by Anbey Sivam (@ on Sat Feb 1 09:23:34 EST 2003.
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Itís Not As Pleasant As His Music

For the standards of work the music maestro has done in the film music the anxiously awaited media men at Atria Hotel in Bangalore on the occasion of his latest Kannada film album release of ĎUsireí they had seen a different Ilayaraja. Getting a doubt a senior Journalist asked whether you are the real Ilayaraja. I am also having that doubt and searching myself shot back shocking the media persons. He left an impression that the media are speaking to Vedic Scholar. Has a feeling that he has surpassed all questions to be asked. His answers were not as pleasant as his music.
As soon as the audio release (HMV and producer Rockline Venkatesh jointly hosted the party) was made from the gracious hands of Ilayaraja the towering personality in music in South India Ilayaraja a brief press briefing was arranged. Looking simple in the attire of white dhoti and Jubba was quiet in the beginning.

Here are the excerpts of an interview:

How do you feel about the invasion of foreign music in India?
For me all music is one and the same.

Do you feel our culture is getting spoiled with such alien music?
Donít expect me to say that I am against to any music. For me music is everything and music is life.

But which music you vouch?
I like all good sound. Even a tickle you make from two fingers sounds good

You feel that you have achieved in your life?
I donít say I know everything. In front of saints like Thyagaraja, Purandaradasa and others I am nothing. I learn music even to this day.

You have the satisfaction of giving good music?
Even today I composed a song. Music is a long never ending music.

We feel you have reached a height and expect a different answer?
Thatís what you feel and not my feeling

You feel the atmosphere is not polluted now?
Those who make music have their own set of people. It has a market. Where is not pollution.


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