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Harish Raghavendra stars in "VIKATAN" Harish Raghavendra stars in "VIKATAN"

Topic started by Sumaira_Nawaz (@ on Sun Oct 27 03:14:58 EST 2002.
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Hey tfm fans
I was so excited to know that my favorite singer Harish Raghavendra is acting in the movie "Vikatan" produced and directed by Actor/Director ArunPandian.Also heard Gayathri Raghuram is playing his pair in the film.I just finished listening to his latest songs
"Ae nenje"-April Maathathil
"Gundu Malli"-Solla Marantha Kadhai
They are truly mind blowing.
Hope HR does a great job in acting too.All the best Harish.I cant wait to see him on screen.


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