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About a recent concert with TMS and PS in Chicago About a recent concert with TMS and PS in Chicago

Topic started by naga (@ on Thu Jul 18 18:07:43 EDT 2002.
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I am a singer in a musical band called 'Agni' in canada. The band is little over one year old but performed many shows in canada and in the U.S. Two weeks ago we had the opportunity to perform a show with T.M.S and P.suseela in chicago. They both sang really well even at this age. P.suseela's voice was so young and refreshing. I spent 2 memorable days with them, chatting, practising etc.. It was such a great experience for me as well as the instrumentalists in our band. Pl take a look at when you have time. Check out 'photo album' and 'song Samples'



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