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Most Important Virtue in Composing - Discipline and Subtelty Most Important Virtue in Composing - Discipline and Subtelty

Topic started by Thalaivar is The Thalaivar (@ on Sat Jul 27 01:47:50 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Sorry ARR Fans, not at all your hero's fine point! This was a virtue in pre-ARR era. However, whose songs had greater scope for showing discipline? Need mention that a million times?
I have a 100 songs in mind, but leave it to the tfm fans here to point out: What I mean by discipline?

Rum Bum Bum in Nadigan or Michael Madana Kamarajan song has a piano stitetto or some word for that at the end of the Pallavi there is a piano play that adds so much to that song, yet IR could'v used it for a few more seconds, he did not.

Valibathin - Aboorva Sagotharagal - end of the pallavi, again a subtle piano sound used so very lightly and softly!! What an effect, first of all the idea of it!!!! I want to hear more of that playing, but that is the level of the Great Thalaivar. Any such experiences?


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