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IR and ARR - A few thoughts IR and ARR - A few thoughts

Topic started by rvc (@ on Mon Apr 9 13:29:27 EDT 2001.
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this was my response to the thread Has ARR ever inspired bry IR ? But i felt this could do with a little more talk ! guys please let me know if the tfm world can go on wo the discussion about who is really genius material and who isnt ? agreed guys : IR is a genius but to appreciate that fact why does someone else always have to be put down ? in this case ARR .then by that merit is IR only genius material in comparison to ARR ? ARR has no pretentions about what he is doing and has never mentioned that he is the KING of the music world and has never in our knowledge called himself raagadevan or isaignani or maestro etc. this is no argument to defend ARR but just to put certain things in perspective. who denied IR his elelvated place in the tfm world after the entrance of ARR ? IF IR could have, then why didnt he stop the march of the other mds..? OF COURSE the very presence of scores of mediocre guys around doesnt mean that IR's stature is diminished but there is no point crying foul about the digital music and the analogies of Beethoven and Mozart are only to our own undoing. guys lets leave them alone. If some good music comes from some direction let us appreciate it. IR couldnt stop his own sons from getting in to the digital music and the synthesizer aided trash and dishing out pathetic fare called music( YSr's score for some old sharath kumar movie is a disgrace). the coming of digital music and the style of composition was to be the cyclic pattern for a particular period in tfm history. things will change and there will definitely be a different kind of music happening in the next decade or so. If polishing a song for several days or toiling hard for a 5 minutes jingle is not genius , then it it surely is not being marketed as genius either.people who work with ARR know that he takes that long and comes up scores resembling some already existing numbers! if they are still doing it and paying for it too then they sure must be getting something in return dont they..? no body works with ARR for charity . Junta is not stupid to put up with trash for long.if he is cheating people with recyled tunes he will definitely have his comeuppance! but instead of being this dismissive of his talents why cant we all plainly have some good informed criticism for some one who works hard and admits to his limitations..?

for those of u die hard IR fans, who on top of their voices shout that he is THE thing ,do u guys have any reason to say that aloud that the sun rises in the east ? it is a proven established fact aint it..? Then why does he go over and tell an audience about how unbeleivably great his music is and how he just had to put up with morons who had no sense of music at all in them ..? the kumudam interview ( or it was his sharing of thoughts in some function) he has certainly made himself seem very very hypocritical and outright ungrateful to the tfm world!what is he trying to tell us all by decalring that he is the god of music and no moron in this tfm world has had the vision to identify the genius in him and it took some conductor in hungary to realise the genius in him etc..? can somebody tell him that it is because of the tfm world only he was taken to hungary and some f*** all composer showered praises on him ! and for his great symphony...where is it guys..? has anyone heard it all these years..if his music was that great then it must have had a grand relaese all over the world. if not for any politicking firang, some desi tfm moron would have definitely marketed it and released it..?( after all the kamalahaasans of this world are still alive ) why has that not happened. it was because of IR's high handed ness he fell from glory and it is because f the same he is again inviting ignominy.


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